2023 Pheromone Perfume Buying Trends

2023 Pheromone Perfume Buying Trends

There’s virtually no end to the way pheromone perfumes can be used, and the rewards they can offer. They help you to feel more confident, sexy, and charismatic - and this can be the difference between achieving a major professional success, or letting an opportunity slip through your fingers. At Eye of Love, we have mastered the art of creating seductive fragrances and pairing them with powerful natural pheromones so they can accompany you throughout the day, from boardroom to bedroom. 

To do that, we needed to know the reasons why you use pheromone perfumes, how you want them to make you feel. We asked, you answered.

We’ve gathered answers from 1230 participants who submitted their answers to our pheromone  2023 survey, and the results are in!

Increasingly, Gen Z is experimenting with pheromone perfumes

You can thank TikTok: Gen Z is discovering the positive effects pheromones can have on their lives, from romantic relationships to professional achievements. In 2023, 18.5% of our respondents were between 18 and 24, compared to 9.7% in the previous year.

Pheromone pairing: for bold and fresh scents, created to adapt to your mood throughout the day, check out our Bloom collection.

41% of respondents purchase pheromones to boost their confidence

Even though the biggest segment of those who purchase pheromone perfumes do so for romantic reasons, 41% of respondents indicated they want to feel more confident in general. In romantic times, of our respondents, most of them were females looking to attract males (63%), followed by males looking to attract males (21%).

Pheromone pairing: if you are also looking for a confidence boost, try our bestselling Romantic cologne or After Dark perfume.

Gen X females use pheromones to spice up their *current* relationships

It’s not all about attracting new partners, many of us are doing it to revitalize existing relationships. Out of those who choose to buy pheromones to bring the extra sparkle into their relationship, 83.42% identify as females, the majority of them aged between 40 and 59 y.o. A hint to their partners - if you are looking for a festive season gift, one of our deluxe pheromone perfumes or massage candles will help you bring back the romance and make your partner feel special.

Pheromone pairing: to create special moments of intimacy and enhance connection with your existing partner, choose one of our luxurious massage candles with most seductive scents: One Love, Red Diamond, or Black Diamond.

Both Millennials and Gen X use pheromones to achieve *career* goals

And it’s not just about romance either. Both Millennials and Gen X have unlocked the power of pheromones to become more successful at their workplace. Out of those who chose this option, 41.84% of respondents were aged between 25-39 y.o., and 43.51% - were between 40 and 59 y.o. 

Pheromone pairing: for those looking to rock the day and smash their professional goals, we created bold and optimistic scents of Morning Glow perfume or Confidence cologne.

If you’d like to learn which pheromone perfume would be the best choice for you, we invite you to participate in our Fragrance Quiz.


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