About us

Eye of Love is the leading global luxury pheromone brand, igniting passion worldwide from sunny San Diego, California. Founded in 2011, our family-run company has been helping people find love ever since.

Our Pheromone Collection empowers individuals to attract their desired partners in any situation, giving you an undeniable edge in the game of love. With distribution in over 20 countries and warehouses across Europe, Asia, and the US, our influence spans continents.

Join us today in our mission to promote confidence, sensuality, and healthy relationships. Let's spread love and ignite sparks together!


Eye of Love stands out for our commitment to quality, ethics, and effectiveness. Our vegan and cruelty-free products are crafted with pure pheromones derived from the wild yam root, ensuring potency and ethical sourcing. With the finest ingredients, our fragrance oils and products captivate with luxurious scents that enhance your allure.