Long Lasting Perfume For Women

Long Lasting Perfume For Women

Finding the right perfume is no less complicated than finding your soulmate.

While cupid may be all prepared to shoot his arrow into the heart of the person you have a crush on, there are no perfume gods who can come to your rescue.

But fret not.

We may not have a magical arrow that will get you your true love, but we can guide you on your quest for a long-lasting perfume that will keep you smelling like a meadow. Trust us when we say a pheromone perfume will work its charm much like Cupid’s arrow.

So, tie your seatbelts as we take you on this journey of unlocking the secret to a long-lasting perfume.


How To Choose A Perfume That Lasts Longer

With online shopping gaining notorious popularity, nowadays women are deprived of the luxury of going perfume shopping. The pleasure of smelling amazing scents before selecting one is no more the norm.

So, you can no more use your powerful sense of smell to determine the scent that will drive the man of your dreams mad. You have to have the knowledge, refer to reviews, consider facts, and your personal choice when making a decision.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want a long-lasting perfume for women:

Choose The Right Strength

Every perfume has a different strength. Perfumes are a blend of alcohol and perfume oils. For a perfume to have a stronger strength or last long, the concentration of perfume oils must be high.

Here is what you should be looking for:

  • Cologne: It has around two to five percent of perfume oils with herbs and citrus-based notes. Usually colognes last for around two to three hours.
  • Eau De Toilette: It is the most commonly used and popular variety of perfume on this list. It has eight to fifteen percent of perfume oils and lasts for around four to five hours.
  • Eau De Parfum: For people looking for a long-lasting perfume, Eau De Parfum is the best choice. With the fragrance oil concentration of twelve to twenty percent, this one has a scent that lasts for eight hours and more.

So, between parfum and eau de toilette, parfum wins the contest.

Hence, it is not the price tag, but buying eau de parfum over eau de toilette that would be the right choice.

Choose Notes That Linger

Longevity is a very important factor for many when selecting a perfume. And thus it is important to take note of the notes.

A fragrance is composed of notes - top, middle/heart, and base, just like a symphony. These notes have different evaporation times and how long-lasting a perfume is will depend on how slowly the notes evaporate.

The top note is the most volatile, staying for around 30 minutes, the middle note lasts a little longer - around three to four hours, and the base note lasts the longest, lingering for eight hours or more.

So, you need to consider base notes that last a while when shopping for a long-lasting fragrance. Some of the notes to go for are woody, rich florals, spices, and leather.


Our Pick - Pheromone Perfumes From Eye Of Love

Feel the sexual tension in the room? It's probably the pheromones.

Pheromones are chemicals that are sent as signals by our bodies to unconsciously attract the opposite sex. Well, we are not going into the science of it, but damn, it is powerful.

Higher amounts of pheromones have a better chance of attracting the opposite sex. Eye of Love products are made from the highest quality pheromones. Our Eau De Parfums are of exceptional quality and last for a long time. So grab one today and woo the man of your dreams.



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