How To Increase Your Crush’s Emotional Response To Touch

How To Increase Your Crush’s Emotional Response To Touch

It’s a widespread belief that only women are touchy-feely, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Touch, both romantic and platonic, is very powerful. Apart from the fact that it can help alleviate depression and anxiety, touch is also an obvious way to express one’s feelings.

With women, this is easy. But when it comes to men, making them express their feelings or respond to your emotional expressions can be one of the most difficult tasks. Believe me, flying planes and touring the moon seem way easier.

Well, that said, what if I told you there was a foolproof way of making your crush go nuts? Interested to know more?

Let’s jump right in!


How Pheromone Perfumes Promote Sexual Attraction

Pheromone perfumes are known to boost sexual responsiveness. However, their effects vary depending on the pheromone, the combination of other chemicals, and the user. Some pheromones are also better attractants than others.

However, one thing that’s common to all pheromones is that they can enhance sleep, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. It helps in boosting your confidence and achieve a happier state.

So, your low sex drive, which may be due to increased stress, sleep deprivation, or other similar reasons, is restored. It offers an effective form of relaxation that is perceived as an enhanced romantic feeling, increased sex drive, or libido.

Plus, there is the placebo effect.

Just using a pheromone perfume will put you in a state of higher confidence and make you feel sexier and more attractive. So, with the placebo effect in play, even if the perfume is not doing its magic, your powerful brain will create the desired effects that are very real and oh-so-effective!


Estratetraenol, The “Couple’s Pheromone”

While the jury is still out on the effectiveness of some pheromones, there are some pheromones that have proven themselves to be equivalent to love potions.

One of them is estratetraenol (EST).

A big player in enhancing romance for women, EST has proven to attract both men and lesbian women. So, whether you are straight, gay, or heterosexual, EST is your ultimate solution for multiple problems — no, multiple opportunities to attract the desired sex.

EST not only enhances women’s attractiveness and natural femininity but also makes men more responsive. This is because it is a “mating chemosignal” that ensures a man that the woman is interested and inspires him to be on his best behavior to attract a mate.

It also helps men recognize a romantic situation better, thus intensifying their emotional response.

In a 2019 study, researchers presented participants with photographs of two humans either touching romantically or not, with the control being two inanimate objects either touching or not.

The participants reviewed the photos in two rounds.

In the first round, they were exposed to EST when looking at the photos.

In the second, EST was replaced by a pheromone-free control solution.

What do you think was the conclusion?

Men responded more emotionally to both human as well as object interaction when influenced by EST. So, it is evident that the physical touch love language is a very real phenomenon.

So, what does this mean for someone using pheromone fragrances?

Your chances of getting a more positive reaction and response from your crush just escalated to new heights!



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