"Being a pheromone expert myself, it is extremely important for me to find high quality pheromone products that work and also smell amazing! Eye of Love has the perfect combination of high quality pheromones and sexy fragrances. They have a variety of products so there is something for everyone. Not only should you wear them if you are looking to attract a mate, but also if you are looking to make positive professional and social connections." 

Dr. Ava Cadell,

"When I first got Eye of Love, I was intrigued, but honestly skeptical. I’ve tested a lot of hyped up pheromone products over the years and have never been impressed. But, I’m always down for something new, so I popped some Eye of Love onto my heart chakra, behind my ears and on my wrists and went out on a first date. I almost forgot I had the stuff on until my date mentioned how good I smelled. He actually mentioned it a few times…and then tried to smell me up close. Seriously! It went from zero to 60 in like two seconds based on smell. On my way out of the restaurant, another man, a total stranger, stopped me and gave me his card because he wanted me to send him the name of my perfume for his wife. Crazy, right?” 

Patti Stanger,

"Eye of Love gives you an edge in the creation of passion. As a Sex Therapist I find that people need extra confidence in order to experience the best of sensuality. Pheromones aid them in opening up their lives to greater pleasure"

Don Etkes, PhD 

In working with people on dating and relationship dynamics for almost 15 years, one of the most important components of attraction they mention is scent. Being attracted to someone’s pheromones can make or break the chemistry in a relationship or even if one ever begins. I was so thrilled when introduced to the Eye of Love products, initially because of the concept combining perfume and pheromones. What made me a loyal customer was the fragrance options that will offer something for everyone. I used my first small bottle of After Dark quickly because I just LOVED the way it smelled and never tired of it! I immediately ordered a larger bottle as it had become not only my signature scent but also because of the new connections with people I made since the time I had started wearing After Dark. It was natural for me to talk about the products since I was being told often how great I smelled and sensing an ease of those around me.  Feeling attractive and attracted to boost confidence and create a sexiness that others are naturally drawn to. I recommend Eye of Love products to clients and friends all the time and know you’ll be a fan just they are."

Dr. Anne Ridley
he Modern Aphrodite Clinical Sexologist, Licensed psychotherapist, relationship & Intimacy Expert, and Certified Loveologist

"What I love so much about Eye Of Love products is that they set the mood. Wearing the pheromone parfum daily helps make my everyday feel more sensual. My absolute favorite though is using the ambiance spray in my bedroom nightly. Soon as I walk into my room, the scent reminds me to ease out of mommy mode and surrender to pleasure. Even if sometimes pleasure is a great nights sleep in sexy smelling linens"

Anaín Bjorkquist
host of Sex Love Joy and Holistic Sex & Relationship Coach