How to Make a Guy Want You

How to Make a Guy Want You

By Wenzdai Tosca, Dating Expert

The art of seduction goes a long way when you’re looking to entice someone, especially men.
You’ve got your intentions set on getting this guy and you’re not taking no for an answer. With
competition in dating at an all time high, you want to be able to separate yourself from the rest
of the world. If you want to get his attention, here are five tips to get him out of your head and
get into his heart.

Dress to Impress
Men are visual creatures. Your style, beauty and overall presence all share a level of
importance in sparking his attraction and capturing his attention. A man seeing a woman he
desires biologically sends him into a hormonal frenzy. He will find you irresistible. Also, when
you throw on your little black dress or those heels that make you feel ultra confident, the energy
you exude sends the message to men you are someone worth being interested in.

Confidence is Key
A confident woman commands attention; not because she requests it, but she demands it.
Confidence is accepting who you are and being comfortable with the way you exist in the world.
So don’t shy away from anything that is uniquely and authentically you. If you love yourself, how
could he not?

Play Hard To Get
Men love the chase. They’re wired to work for the things they value and find important. So don’t
be too available. Find the balance between “I have a life, sorry maybe next time!” and “I can be
available, what’s the date and time?” A woman who has her own thing going on values her time,
all while reminding him she has priorities too. If he’s really interested, he’ll offer another
opportunity to try to see you.

Be Enjoyable
Good energy and great conversation go a long way. No one, including yourself, wants to spend
their free time around someone who is miserable to be around. This doesn’t require you to have
a “fake positive” attitude during your dates, but being charismatic, appreciative, and open to
having a good time will make him associate your interaction as a positive experience, a vibe he
will crave to be around.

Get Your Flirt On
Flirting looks and feels different with everyone. It’s an opportunity where your whit and
affectionate sides meet to lure him in. Playful flirting includes laughing, gentle nudges, smiling,
and batting your eyelashes. Intellectual flirting may come in the form of satire or witty banter. No
matter what style of flirt you decide, your main goal is to reassure him of your interest. When
men are certain you like them, it boosts their confidence to pursue you.
Want to seal the deal and ensure he finds you absolutely sexy and irresistible while in your





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