Eye of Love's travel-size pheromone scents Earths Desire and Blue Ember, with bottles standing beside their packaging
Attract Her: Day to Night Bloom Set
A hand holding a travel-sized Blue Ember Pheromone cologne against a white wall with a neon blue glow.

Attract Her: Day to Night Bloom Set

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Elevate your confidence from dawn to dusk with the Attract Her: Day & Night Bloom Set. This captivating duo features two pheromone colognes inspired by the energizing vibrancy of daytime sativa and the intimate charm of indica. Together, they create a seamless transition that ensures you remain irresistibly attractive, no matter the hour.

What's Inside: (Bundle)

Daytime Fragrance: Earths Desire

Nighttime Fragrance: Blue Ember

  1. 10ml Blue Ember Pheromone Cologne: Ignite intense attraction with Blue Ember, a pheromone cologne tailored for evening activities. Infused with naturally derived pheromones, this cologne offers a distinct advantage in personal, professional, and intimate moments. Specifically formulated to attract women, Blue Ember exudes confidence and magnetic allure inspired by the irresistible energy of Indica strains.

  1. 10ml Earths Desire Pheromone Cologne: Embark on a journey of success in all your daytime activities with Earths Desire, a pheromone cologne uniquely designed to elevate your personal, professional, and intimate life. Tailored to attract women, this cologne features a potent blend of natural pheromones inspired by uplifting sativa strains. Infuse your aura with confidence and charisma, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.


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