How to multi-purpose our pheromones to do more

How to multi-purpose our pheromones to do more

Just because a product is made for one thing, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for something else. We’re all for multi-purposing our products to do more! ⁣

Our Love on the Run Seduce Pheromone Parfum has a scent of bergamot and rose with sweet, sultry jasmine undertones. This subtle intoxicating scent can relax and rejuvenate your home. Here are a few off-label ways to use your parfum.⁣

Use it as an Air freshener/Vaporizer 👃🏽⁣

Pour a few drops into a vaporizer to diffuse a hint of the scent into an entire room.⁣

Place in your Dresser or drawer sachet 👗⁣

Dab a little bit of your favorite EOL scent onto a few cotton balls or a clean cloth and then put these into a small cotton bag (it needs to be a breathable fabric). Put the scented sachet in a dresser drawer or in your closet.⁣

Make it a Linen Spray 🛌⁣

seduce pheromone perfume
Mix a little bit of your favorite EOL parfum and some distilled water in a spray bottle. If you iron your sheets, spray the mixture on the sheets while you do so. This will set the scent into the fabric nicely. Alternatively, mist your sheets when you put them on your bed. We all love getting into bed when the sheets are clean and crisp; adding our scent to this makes it a next-level pleasure.