I sprayed pheromones on my neck and this is what happened...

I sprayed pheromones on my neck and this is what happened...


By: Alex S.

On paper, I’m every girl’s dream: I’m tall, dark and handsome with a lean, muscular physique. The antithesis of a D-bag, I’m kind and compassionate and volunteer as a Big Brother. I take care of myself, hitting the gym 5x/week. I’m not an alcoholic, or a degenerate gambler and I don’t use drugs. But when it came to meeting girls, I felt like I a complete loser.

It’s not like I was only asking out lingerie models at A-list clubs. I tried scoring digits from average-looking ladies after yoga class, at coffee shops, farmer’s markets, and every other hipster place worth it's weight in $10 avocado toast.

Nothing seemed to be working— and I was willing to try anything, so I decided to spray myself with pheromones.

The Lure of An Animal

At first I was skeptical about pheromones. But within one week of consistently applying a pheromone men’s spray from a company called Eye of Love (I opted for their “Romantic” spray), no joke, I had 3 different women initiate conversation with me. (One at the gym, another at a dinner party and the third while hiking.)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of girls walk by me down the street, and for a fleeting moment our eyes would lock and the girl would give me a meaningful, penetrating smile. But it never led anywhere.

But when the 3 different women approached me, each time, I felt like I was Kramer in that Seinfeld episode where he’s hit on by a nun. In that episode, the nun is infatuated with Kramer, telling him he has the “kavorka,” a Latvian word for “the lure of an animal.”

Maybe Kramer was wearing pheromones? It turns out that pheromones do indeed unleash the ‘kavorka’ in males, and can make even the most awkward, spastic character seem irresistible. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that the 3 different women who hit on me were thanks to Eye of Love pheromones. Although I was familiar with the concept of pheromones, I thought they belonged in the realm of fantasy, like unicorns. But then one night, I read a convincing article about pheromones in Scientific American. (I won’t share that nerd-alert detail with any of those three girls I’ve been dating.)

Patchouli Won’t Help You Get A Lady, But Pheromones Might

So what are pheromones?

Let’s start with what they are not. 

Pheromones are not essential oils. The two are often confused. Believe me, I’ve tried using essential oils before a night out on the town. Never once did I have a girl approach me and say, “Oh my God! Is that frankincense you’re wearing? Wanna hang out!?”

Same goes for that earthy blend I wore while I was in my brief New Agey phase a few years back: “That patchouli you’re wearing is so hot. I want you now!” is something I never heard from a girl at the gym.

The Quickest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Nose!

But pheromones do have something in common with essential oils. They both exert a powerful, magnetic influence on the system in your body that’s responsible for processing smells: the olfactory system.

The main difference between the two is that essential oils come from plants. Pheromones, on the other hand, are chemicals released by your own body and serve one primary function: to attract potential mates.

Pheromones are invisible chemical messengers. They’re sort of like hormones, but instead of being internal, pheromones are like an odorless external cologne that sends a Bat signal to the ladies that says: “I’m single. You’re single. Let’s mingle.” 

On their own, pheromones actually don’t have a scent. So how does this animal magnetism work if there is no odor?

Pheromones work sort of like subliminal advertising. “There is a communication below the level of consciousness," says a researcher quoted in the Scientific American article that turned me onto pheromones (and in turn, turned 3 women onto me within just one week of using them).  “A lot of our communication is influenced by chemosignals," the researcher added.

So even though there’s no strong, sweaty, post-workout manly smell to natural pheromones, women seem to be able to get in touch with their inner bloodhound and can detect pheromones through their olfactory system. When a lady gets a subconscious whiff of pheromones, it lights up her limbic system. That’s the most primitive region of the brain. It influences emotions, memories, and evidently can make a lady interested. 

2 Sprays On The Neck Was All It Took

After reading more about pheromones and becoming convinced these chemical messengers could be the edge I needed in getting girls to notice me, I started researching companies that make natural pheromones.

It was important for me to try a natural pheromone because I learned that many companies use swine pheromones. I do love me some bacon, but I’d rather not slather pig chemicals on me.

Eventually, I came across Eye of Love. The company sources pheromones from extracts from wild yams, which as it turns out, is also what’s used to make bio-identical hormones. If wild yam extract can help women rebalance their hormones, maybe they can transform me into a handsome beast, like Kramer. 

Eye of Love adds scent to their pheromone sprays. The Confidence spray I used contains honey, jasmine and vanilla with notes of citrus. That’s at least what the bottle says. As long as it works—and it’s not filled with cancer-causing petrochemicals, I was down with giving it a try.

And all it took to acquire the animal magnetism I’ve always wanted was two sprays on on chest area before leaving the house.

Who would have guessed that a yam may turn out to be the thing responsible for me meeting a cool chick that I’ll hopefully, and more than that, when the lust eventually wears off, end up marrying one day?

Apparently, not all pheromones are the same, and unless you get the right product, the perfume might not have the desired effect. Eye Of Love has a quiz on their website that can help you find the right pheromone product for you. Take the quiz here.

Main Pheromone Ingredients: Estratetraenol and Androstenol

Each pheromone has been shown to have unique properties. Eye Of Love have combined them in specific concentrations and fragrances for best results and maximum effectiveness. Choose the right combination for you to achieve your specific desires. 



This pheromone is primarily used to attract men as it has been shown to elevate their mood. Men tend to view the wearer of this pheromone more favorably, and increases the desire to communicate.



This pheromone is primarily used to attract females as it creates a friendly impression. The person wearing it can seem less intimidating and more approachable. It helps create feelings of empathy and romance.

So here's my advice to you, take the quiz, spray some pheromones on before you start your day and go on your day as usual. See if you notice a difference like I did. What have you got to lose? Worse case you just smell a little better than you did before...


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