Men: Want to Be More Attractive? Adopt These Grooming Habits

Men: Want to Be More Attractive? Adopt These Grooming Habits

Whatever your style, good grooming habits are becoming more mainstream than in the past. Whether you prefer a clean cut look, like Ryan Gosling, or you can pull off Zayn Malik’s “I just rolled out of bed like this” look, the bottom line is that good grooming is essential to being attractive.

Here are a few easy grooming tips to adopt to be on top of your game.

Keep Your Hair Under Control

man at barber

A grown-out hairstyle probably wouldn’t hurt you if you were 13, but more is expected of you now that you’re an adult. Visit your barber every 4 weeks or so for a touch up to keep your ‘do looking clean.

Embrace Oral Care

If you brush your teeth twice a day, congratulations -you’re doing the bare minimum! Brush (preferably with an electric toothbrush), floss, and use mouthwash twice a day. If your teeth are a little discolored, either try a whitener on the market or get yourself to the dentist.

Keep Your Facial Hair Under Control

If you prefer to be clean-shaven, you’ve got it pretty easy. Wake up, shave, and you’re ready to go. If you prefer facial hair, for proper grooming, your facial hair needs to be well-trimmed. Don’t let your stubble go more than a day or two without a once over, and if you have longer facial hair, make sure to trim it regularly. Think Jonathan Frakes, not Grizzly Adams.

Find a Scent that’s “You”

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When it comes to being attractive, how you smell is extremely important. No matter what scent you prefer, whether high-dollar cologne or tobacco and river water, you need a scent that’s clean, masculine, and fits with your sense of self and style.

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