5 Foolproof Ways To Start a Conversation With Someone

For some, starting a conversation with someone else is easy, for others, not so much. If you find yourself on the shy side more often than not, don't feel bad. There are many, other people who feel the same way and were nevertheless able to succeed at work and find a special someone. You are not alone, A-list celebrities Johnny Depp, Salma Hayek, and Blake Lively have all been outspoken about their shyness in social situations.

The trick to overcoming shyness isn't so much about changing your personality. For most people, once a conversation gets started, it just sort of flows naturally onward. If starting conversations with people has been something you've struggled with in the past, here are a few tricks that may help you out.

Find Something In Common

Commenting about something relevant that you have in common, such as a song that's being playing nearby that you and the other person can hear, a popular movie on a visible billboard, or even your surroundings can all be ways to open the door for conversation. Just do your best to avoid commenting about the weather; it's more than a little cliché.

Ask What They Think About Something

People generally love to give their opinions and advice. Asking a person about what they think about a topic will almost always elicit a response. Asking an open ended question also moves the attention away from you and gives you a chance to learn more about the person you're speaking to. This can help you plan how to continue the conversation after. You might discover you have a lot to talk about with this person who you were too scared to approach only several moments earlier.

Compliment Their Appearance

Telling someone they’re beautiful or handsome is a lot like talking about the weather - it doesn't really convey that you’ve put much thought into what you have to say. It can also come off as a little sleazy. Instead, compliment your new friend’s necktie or a piece of jewelry. People like compliments and if they happen to be wearing something truly noteworthy, you can easily start a conversation about it.

Feel More Confident

Sometimes it can seem that people around you always know how to say the right thing, and women always notice them. It could be as simple as the vibe they are giving off or their pheromones. Pheromones are naturally occurring, odorless substances that the fertile body excretes naturally. After being released into the environment they have an effect on the behavior and physiology of others.

The quality or source of Pheromones is extremely important when gauging the effect. The common low grade types are extracted from urine; normally pigs and coyotes. These will have an incredibly pungent smell and are used in only the smallest doses. The types of Pheromones you actually want to use are Bio-identical, synthetic, and pure; Eye of Love uses the highest quality pheromones.

Stand Out And Get Noticed

Starting a conversation with another person can be tough, but with a little practice, know-how, and pheromones from Eye of Love Confidence Cologne, things can be so much easier.

The common myth about pheromones is that it will somehow turn the wearer into a sex god, or make them irresistible to the opposite sex. In truth, there is no such love potion in a bottle that exists.
1. Pheromones will not fix a poor personality, or mask rude behavior.
2. Pheromones will not make someone fall in love with you.
3. Pheromones will not bypass foreplay and create instant arousal.

What can be expected from using Eye of Love?

1. People who work in areas like customer service, real-estate, and cosmetologists can notice higher tips, better quality interactions, and higher sales.
2. Couples can find themselves reconnecting in an entirely new way. You may feel like you are back in the “honey-moon” phase, listening more, talking more, and feeling closer again.
3. Sensual moments like enjoying massages, cuddling, and enjoying passionate kisses can become heightened.
4. First impressions or chance meetings can have a positive undertone, for instance: relaxed interactions, a general feeling of comfort, and a tendency to feel more engaged or connected.

Eye of Love Pheromone Parfum works on two different levels: On a technical level stimulating a chemical reaction, and on a fragrance level to match a particular mood or desire. They are quickly spreading love around the globe.

What are pheromones? 

But How Does It Work?

Eye of love products are easy to use:

Step 1: Spray 1-2 Sprays in your chest area where your sweat glands are

Step 2: The Pheromones will go through the nasal passage to the hypothalymus triggering a social response.

Step 3: Enjoy the Pheromone advantage!

But Is It Safe & Effective?

With the powerful power of Pheromones, everyday activities and relationships will become more intimate and more enjoyable! Also, with an added advantage, you won’t have to compromise your quality of life by missing out on its most important moments!

✔️ Long lasting – Lasts 6-8 hours

✔️ Vegan & Cruelty free – The pheromone is derived from the wild yam root

✔️ Smells amazing – Each fragrance is hand crafted from flowers, herbs and spices.

✔️ Deluxe size – Comes in a luxurious glass bottle

✔️ Pure pheromones – Only high quality pure and bio-identical pheromones are used. Never any blends, infusions, or animal products!

Each pheromones product is combined with the right fragrances to suit the wearer. 



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