Toyboy Interview With Jacqui Rubinoff

Toyboy Interview With Jacqui Rubinoff

An Interview with Jacqui Rubinoff – Dating Experts Month is one of UKs largest dating sites. Click to check out the article.

Tell us about yourself. What makes you a dating/relationship expert?

I am a certified Love Coach & Relationship Expert. My mission is to help people find love, spice up their current relationship, or help those going through a breakup transition. I am also the Vice President of Eye of Love, a high quality pheromone brand and an expert in Pheromones and attraction.

How does your approach differ from other experts?

My focus is on empowerment and giving people the tools to help them live their best life. I work on real and tangible activities with my clients that help them succeed.

What are some of the biggest challenges/frustrations you see from the people you work with?

One of the biggest challenges I see from my clients who are mainly in their 20’s-30’s are that they are having trouble meeting people in the ever-evolving digital world we live in. Today with all the dating apps, it’s hard to filter through those who are just looking to hook up and those genuinely looking for long term love.

Member submitted question

I’m 49, female and recently divorced. I met my husband when I was a teenager so I’ve never really done the whole dating thing. Where do I start?

– Catherine, 49

Dating later in life comes with it’sits benefits. You already know exactly who you are and what you’re looking for. Go to specific places to meet who shares the same interests as you. For example, if you want to meet someone into fitness, go to a yoga or crossfit class and strike up a conversation with someone you are attracted to. 

Tell us about some of the projects/books/events you’re currently working on/just completed

I am currently working on developing new pheromone products to help people enhance their daily lives. Many people love our pheromone perfumes and use them daily so I am constantly working on new and improved products, ideas, and packaging. 

Do you find any patterns with respect to what women are attracted to? What are the main things women are looking for in a man?

For the most part people are looking for a man they can trust, shares the same values as them, and who can make them laugh.

Member submitted question

I’ve recently started an age-gap relationship with a woman who’s 15 years older than me. I haven’t told anyone about us yet and she’s getting annoyed, almost like I’m ashamed of her. I really like her but I just don’t know how my friends and family will react. What should I do?

– Marv, 30

Hi Marv, it depends how much you care about her. It’s normal not to introduce someone to the family until you are serious. Do you think she will be in your life long term? If you truly love and care about her then you will have to come to terms with what your friends and family will say and be okay with it. The worst thing to do is to stay in hiding and isolate yourself from others.

How can people connect with you on social?


Finally, what’s the one piece of advice you hold close to your heart?

The root of love is giving. The more both partners give to one another unconditionally, their love, time, energy etc., the more they will love one another. 


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