Organisms release chemicals into the environment which help them to communicate with other members of the species.  These chemical substances are known as Pheromones.


The extensive use of pheromones is visible in the day-to-day activities of insects. Certain vertebrates and plants also communicate using pheromones.


The most widely studied pheromones are those released by the female moths, which attract specific males for mating.


Pheromones are substances which are volatile and odorous. These cause physiological reactions like modulating sexual activity, aggression, and territory making.


There are different types of pheromones for stimulating different reactions. Some of the types of pheromones are Aggregation, Alarm, Epideictic, Releaser, Signal, Primer, Territorial, Trail, Information, and Sex. One of the best known uses of pheromones is by ants.


These organisms use trail pheromones to move from nests to their food and back.


Studies show that humans also have pheromones.  Human pheromones are gender-specific, meaning the responses by heterosexual and homosexual humans towards particular pheromones are different.  


Studies have revealed that the human pheromones have different effects on the confidence levels, feelings, and emotions of humans.  

In humans, olfaction is an important sensory modality.


The use of deodorants, perfumes, and shampoos are all facts to support it. So in humans, odor is produced from the skin. The odor perception in males and females is different.


Women have the acute ability to smell musk3. These compounds are very similar to the male sex hormone. The musky odorants are secreted by men in abundance. With the help of pheromones, even babies can distinguish their own mothers from stranger women.


Some human pheromones are androstenol, androstenone, androsterone, and copulins. Each of these pheromones has different effects on human beings.


Today, numerous pheromone products are available.  They are in the forms of body lotions, perfumes, and shower gels. The use of pheromone products increases the confidence levels, feel-good factors, and the capability to control one's emotions.


The most demanded among them are pheromone perfumes. Pheromone perfumes, like normal perfumes, are available specifically for men and women. 


It has been scientifically found that when humans apply high quality supplemental pheromones, such as those found in Eye Of Love products including colognes, candles, oils and sunscreens, the pheromones have the potential to significantly increase human sexual attraction.  


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