Yes … Arousal Can Be Awakened

Yes … Arousal Can Be Awakened

Even from a long pandemic slumber, the anticipation of sex or the feeling of sexual arousal you get from this anticipation can be nurtured and awakened.  That said, there are a few steps you can take to bring back the passion and desire to levels greater than before.


Let's examine the common psychological causes of low libido. Lack of sexual desire can be rooted in self-consciousness about our body, performance anxiety, lack of sleep, stress from work or financial challenges, and obsessing over creating the perfect environment for sex for you or your partner.


Each of these conditions can interfere with sexual arousal, squelching our lust and robbing you of the heightened sexual arousal you get from mere anticipation. 


What can you do to combat the lack of sexual arousal on a daily basis? Aside from the popular physical fix of the 'little blue pill' for men and perhaps the controversial new "O" Shot for women, there are a number of things you can do to stimulate your brain which is an important sexual organ.  


They include: Get enough sleep; Get plenty of exercise; & be able to communicate your wants, needs, and desires.  Perhaps on a deeper level, arousal can often be stimulated when you are able to listen to your partner's wants, needs, and desires. You don't have to fulfill all of them, but you do need to listen.


Still feeling lackluster, or just desiring an “added edge” to enhance relationships and achieve goals? Try Eye Of Love products and take advantage of the human science of pheromones — those chemicals naturally emitted daily by every human which help others to see you as more attractive and friendly.  Those arousal & attraction pheromones are contained in Eye Of Love candles, oils, sunscreens, colognes, perfumes and more -  


Eye Of Love products will give you those extra pheromones needed to help you to focus on our own joy, uplift others, and awaken your arousal senses! Try Eye Of Love today!


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