Romantic Massage Candle + Free Pheromone Parfum Sample

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Made with a shea butter base and other natural ingredients, this 3 in 1 candle is packed with pheromone, fragrance, and moisturizers. Use for a sensual massage or as your daily moisturizer. Contains the highest quality pheromones to attract women. Includes Free Romantic Pheromone Parfum Sample

An exotic blend of beachy lemongrass, fresh mint, and sandalwood. Undertones of fresh picked herbs, milky vanilla, and warm musk explode her senses and drive her wild. 

  • Melts into a warm oil that won't burn your skin
  • Contains Fragrance, pheromones & moisturizers
  • Set the mood   
USE:  Light candle and let burn until starts melting (approx. 20 min) Use as your daily moisturizer or for a sensual massage.

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