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Eye of Love

Confidence Pheromone Massage Candle + Free Pheromone Parfum

$24.00 USD

Made with a shea butter base and other natural ingredients, this 3 in 1 candle is packed with pheromone, fragrance, and moisturizers. Use for a sensual massage or as your daily moisturizer. Contains the highest quality pheromones to attract women. Includes a Free Confidence Pheromone Parfum Sample.

The fragrance features a musky blend of honey, jasmine, and vanilla infused with a touch of citrus. 

  • Contains pheromones to attract women
  • Contains Fragrance, pheromones & moisturizers
  • Includes a spoon for application
USE:  Light candle and let burn until starts melting (approx. 20 min) Use as your daily moisturizer or for a sensual massage.