Fragrances have always enjoyed a tremendous market and are always admired by men and women. Since the early Egyptians that used perfume balms for religious ceremonies and love making preparations, fragrances have become a standard in our ever-changing world.  


Today perfumes, colognes, oils and body sprays are regularly used by both men and women to create that magical touch.


In our modern world, designer perfumes and colognes have become the symbol of sensationalism, elegance and classiness.  Men and women love to wear perfumes for pleasure and to attract mates.


Perfumes & colognes make one feel mysterious and amazing, and are ideal gifts to inspire and admire the beauty. Gifting perfume and/or cologne to your beloved will let him/her feel out of this world.

Perfumes admired by men or women exhibit their individual personality.


A perfume that smells great on your friend might not suit your body temperament. So here are some buying tips for both men and women:


(1) Always try a new fragrance on your body instead of a piece of cardboard to carefully examine its chemical reaction with your skin tone.

(2) Never try more than 3 or 4 perfumes at one time. It will confuse your sensory reflections and you will not be able to select the proper perfume to match your skin type.

(3) Buying fake and cheap designer perfumes can be injurious to your skin. 

(4) Sniffing coffee beans while choosing perfumes can help you clear and refresh your smelling power.


Still uncertain regarding your ‘signature scent’ or truly wanting just an “added edge” to enhance relationships and achieve goals?


Well … Try Eye Of Love products and take advantage of the human science of pheromones — those chemicals naturally emitted daily by every human which help others to see you as more attractive and friendly.  


Those arousal & attraction pheromones are contained in Eye Of Love candles, oils, sunscreens, colognes, perfumes and more -  


Eye Of Love products will give you those extra pheromones needed to help you to focus on our own joy, uplift others, and awaken your arousal senses!


Try Eye Of Love today!


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