We have heard of Love at First Bite” but are you aware of “Love at First Smell” Pheromone body scents activate the sexual signal to the brain.

The human body specifically set up pheromones to react as biological active substances that release to the opposite sex or the same sex you may be attracted to. Sexual pheromones attract individuals of the opposite sex, same sex attractions and help stimulate sexual behaviors.

Pheromones have been known to ignite the sex drive, increase fertility and help regulate women's menstrual cycles. Pheromones determine the sexual attractiveness of women to men, same sex attractions and especially men to women. Pheromones alone have no scent however, adding pheromones for example to perfumes and colognes help cause sexual attraction.

Today cosmetics use pheromones in many of their cosmetic perfume and cologne products encouraging involuntary allure to the opposite sex or same sex attractions.

Pheromones will help you win a partner to love at first site or as we like to describe “love at first smell”.

That said, all those seeking social responses from others should check out Eye Of Love products today to take advantage of the human science of scent and attraction contained in Eye Of Love candles, oils, sunscreens, colognes, perfumes and more - https://www.eyeoflove.com 


Eye Of Love products will give you extra pheromone scent signals and trigger powerful social responses.


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