Pheromones To Increase Your Valentine's Day Attraction

Pheromones To Increase Your Valentine's Day Attraction


Even in our 2022 pandemic world, it remains impossible to mask that heightened sense of attraction that seems to always accompany and increase every year around February 14.  

Before you bad mouth Valentine’s Day and having to spend your hard earned money on gifts that express your love for that special person in your quarantined life, read on … .  Truth is that science is correct.  Humans do in fact have hormones that cause an inexplicable attraction to another person.  Hello Pheromones!

What are pheromones?

A pheromone is a hormone that is secreted outside the body. Most hormones work internally and have a direct effect only on the individual secreting them, but pheromones act as behavior-altering agents.  Huh … What? This means that human hormones, called Pheromones, have effects on other individuals in a person’s vicinity and are actively involved in sexual attraction.  

Well only because Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, please continue … . Yes it is absolute truth — Every human releases Pheromones which can stimulate arousal, desire, lust, even fertility. Pheromones are detected through smell and are secreted by way of sweat and saliva.  

Perhaps ‘smell’ may be a misleading term, as these chemicals do not have an odour. Instead, Pheromones are detected by specific areas of the nasal tissue, which then sends messages to the brain.

Take androsterone, a male pheromone secreted by the adrenal gland and testes in only around 10% of men. The unconscious perception of this pheromone increases these men’s desirability and attractiveness, even if they are not conventionally handsome or good-looking.

Pheromones and attraction

The levels of pheromones a person produces can have a significant influence on their sexual activity. Individuals who secrete an elevated level of pheromones are likelier to have more sex, feel more confident and be perceived as more sexually attractive. These effects in turn draw these people more attention, social engagement and bonding with others.

Increasing your pheromones

Because pheromones have been proven to increase both your attractiveness and the quality of your sex life, fragrance companies have developed a secret recipe of unique scent molecules, which trigger attraction and impulse in all whom you meet. Stop your scoffs of disbelief as the science is there to back it up.

A 2005 study by scientists from the University of Vienna found that men who used topical pheromones, or artificial scents or perfumes applied to the skin to emulate the effects of natural pheromones, experienced a 52% improvement in their success rate amazing when attempting to start, and maintain, conversations with women, an increase in the frequency and quality of compliments received, significantly more flirting and a 40% overall boost in female sexual responsiveness.

In that same study, 74% of women who utilized topical pheromones reported an increase in sex and other forms of intimacy, such as hugs and cuddling.

There’s no doubt about it: The application of topical pheromones that mimic the structure and actions of natural human pheromones can have dramatic effects on your sex life and vastly increase your attractiveness to potential partners.

So … if you are single and looking for love, some old-fashioned, unabashed attraction, flirtation and fun this Valentine’s Day — Eye of Love can help!

Eye of Love is a San Diego, California based company that offers the finest quality pheromone products to enhance your chances of human connection, and increase your likelihood of invoking emotional reactions with the sale of Colognes, Candles, Body Sprays, Lotions and more  — all containing the highest quality Pheromones as well as Eye of Love special fragrances to enhance their effect and the outcome. 

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and allow those increased Pheromones provided by Eye of Love products to get you on the road this Valentine’s Day to romance, affection and fun!


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