Signs of Physical Attraction - How to Know If Someone is Attracted to You

Signs of Physical Attraction - How to Know If Someone is Attracted to You

As a young girl the uncertainty started … “Does he like me?”


I would seek the answer by counting the petals of a flower and alternately saying as I turned the flower and touched each petal - He loves me, He loves me not —.  


I would silently beg any higher power that my last petal would be “He loves me”.  Well … hate to admit it, but I grew up and although today I have emotionally developed beyond counting flower petals and making decisions about love, my understanding of physical attraction from a male (my desired attraction), still remains quite uncertain.


We have all been told by our parents, friends, scientists and the infamous sexologist Dr. Ruth that when people are attracted to you, they give out signs of physical attraction, and that these signals are often done unconsciously, so do not expect them to be obvious or direct. Great … Well, I am here to tell the world that there are in fact ways to figure out signals of physical attraction and interpret them for what they really are.


Below are some of the most common signs of physical attraction that this author doesn’t want any peep to miss out on.


Sign of Physical Attraction # 1: Body Facing You

When the person's body is facing towards you, that means that human is attracted to you. It could be a person's torso, legs or even the whole body. This is all done on a subconscious level so you'll know right away whether a person is genuinely interested in you or not.


Sign of Physical Attraction # 2: Making Body Contact

When the person you're talking to makes physical contact, they're trying to get your attention and subtly communicating their interest. They might lean their head on your shoulder should the opportunity present itself, touch your arm lightly, or rub your arm in an affectionate way. No matter how brief the contact is, you can bet that the person is attracted to you.


Sign of Physical Attraction # 3: Longing Glances

If someone glances at you more than once or longer than necessary, you'll be pleased to know that this person likes or fancies you. You can either smile back or try catching that person in the act. If that person turns red or suddenly stammers, you know you have successfully interpreted their actions.


These signs of physical attraction are easy to spot. So … to easily captivate the person of your dreams use the natural human power of pheromones! Yup — those chemicals naturally emitted daily by every human which help others to see you as more attractive and enhance friendly.  


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Eye Of Love products will give you those extra pheromones needed to help you to attract the person of your dreams!  


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