The Big Difference Between Male & Female Pheromones

The Big Difference Between Male & Female Pheromones

By Dr. Ava Cadell -  

Are male and female pheromones different? The short answer is yes. I’m watching closely to see what new studies emerge in the world of science and sex, as experiments with human pheromones are still in their early stages. But the burgeoning market for scents that attract is making scientists curious to explain sexual “chemistry” with lab results. Ultimately, we’re all searching for that great-smelling individual who makes us feel sexy!

The big difference between male and female pheromones is that men secrete Androstenol, and women produce Copulin and Estratetraenol. We know there’s an olfactory component to sexual attraction in which these two pheromones are involved, because we all experience that sexy “I just love his (or her) smell” feeling when we fall in love (or lust.) The animal testing seems to bear out our impulses, and human studies are very much underway as scientists attempt to catch up with the blooming pheromone perfume market whose results are hard to deny.

I want to clear up some confusion about the male pheromone Androstenol, which frequently gets confused with Androstenone. Androstenol is the scent produced by fresh male sweat, while Androstenone is present in male sweat after being exposed to oxygen, which almost all women agree is not an attractive smell.* If you’ve ever cleaned out a man’s gym bag and gagged, you know what I’m talking about. So just a note to men that unless you can guarantee a ‘fresh’ sweat at all times, it’s better to just keep up your personal hygiene. For men wanting to attract women try Eye of Love’s Confidence scented pheromones with a musky blend of honey, jasmine, vanilla and citrus.

As for women attracting men, the copulins women emit are “a mixture of five volatile fatty acids secreted vaginally, [which] increase in concentration during the [fertile] phase…” In one Williams and Jacobson study, men exposed to copulins exhibited an increase in testosterone, behaved less cooperatively with other males, found female faces to be more attractive in general, and rated their own attractiveness as 21% higher than the control group.** If that’s not proof that pheromones create sexual chemistry, I don’t know what is.

Another study by Wen Zhou in China found that heterosexual men exposed to the pheromone Estratetraenol were more likely to identify androgynous figures as female. The pheromone did not work on gay women however, but gay men did respond similarly to heterosexual women when it came to exposure to Androstenol.*** Women have many fragrances to choose from for pheromone-infused products including the Morning Glow blend of apple blossom, freesia and violets. Or After Dark a sultry blend of warm jasmine, lily, and creamy sweet white chocolate. 


Erika Jordan, Love Coach & Virtual Sexpert

So, it’s safe to say that pheromones harvested for creating human attraction have a positive effect. But there are other factors involved when you’re in the competitive business of dating in the twenty-first century. Let’s say you’ve sprayed yourself with Androstenone and women are getting the scent. Do they know it’s coming from you? I would suggest it’s also important to polish your confidence and small talk skills to increase your chances of standing out in the crowd, even if they are initially attracted to your smell. What’s the point of creating arousal in a woman if you’re not the one who ultimately grabs her attention? 

Erika is a graduate of LU and loves wearing Eye of Love pheromone infused jewelry so much that she made this video. She says that wearing theblack pendant got her even more attention!

Even if you don’t want to attract a romantic partner, it can help you to get more attention in business as well, by creating a charismatic pull toward you that makes people want to be in your orbit and agree with things that you suggest. In my opinion, one of the biggest compliments you can receive is “I love the way you smell.”


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