What would you think if your significant other gave you a perfume with pheromones?

What would you think if your significant other gave you a perfume with pheromones?

What a surprise it could be! Perfume scents heightened with pheromones are perfect for sexual experimentation. Working subtly with one’s own scents, think of them as the magic ingredient to add sparks of excitement with your significant other. Open yourself and your partner to new experiences that can be gained with just an addition of a pheromone perfume.



See how adding this pheromone perfume increases your attraction and arousal to your partner and what subtle ways it can make a difference. Maybe your sexual foreplay games get a little hotter and your actual sexual play begins with an excitement you’ve never experienced before.


Tempt each other by spraying just a little perfume to one’s hot spots: behind the ears, the small of their neck, on the inside of their elbow. Gently tease the skin and continue to heighten awareness through touch and the hidden stimulating sensualness of pheromones.


Get lost in your newfound scent of the pheromone perfume and learn how your different arousal changes take place. Are you two becoming closer in ways you have not had before? Do you find yourself letting go of sensual sensations you may have held back? Yes, the subtle strength of pheromone perfumes can open the doors to new sensations for both of you!


Perhaps opening the door may even have some implications which may reflect larger relationship issues going on, too. Being aware of the subtle power of pheromones is knowing that it can affect your attraction in many different ways.


But you won’t know until you try, so why not now? Eye of Love has the perfect pheromone perfume gifts for you to surprise your significant other and bring a refreshing, new experience to both of you.