We all know the benefit Eye of Love provides for arousal body oils with special vegan pheromones that provide sensual joy and sexuality however, we also understand and promote our body line with respect to the great importance of regular total body skincare and the use for body oils.  Perhaps because your skin is the largest organ of your body and is basically all over the place?


Skincare instructions and guidance begin at a young age when humans are told that moisturizer is necessary after cleansing any part of the body. After humans leave the comfort and wisdom of the nest or family home, they frequently forget that in addition to the daily moisturizing your face, it is also as equally important to regularly nourish your body with the same moisture.  


Imagine the amount of hydration that your skin requires.  The average recommendation for individuals is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This means that your organs are depending on water to replenish and detoxify the toxins in your system. 


Your skin, an organ, is a little different.  It not only needs water to be hydrated, but it needs moisture. During the day, the sun and other chemicals endured by your skin dry and deplete the moisture amassed by your skin. So … using body oil helps invigorate the lost nutrients back into your system and skin.


You may think that body creams and body lotions already do a good enough job hydrating the skin of your body, so how is body oil different? Well, when applying the oil to skin, body oil must be massaged in so that it penetrates through the different epidermal layers of skin. More importantly, you should apply more body oil to the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet, as these are the thickest layers of skin on the body.


If your skin is dry and in need of instant hydration, check out Eye Of Love body natural oils at https://www.eyeoflove.com These oils will provide instant hydration to your dry skin and hair and leave you with a healthy glow. Plus, the Eye Of Love special vegan pheromones contained in the Eye Of Love oils are sure to uplift your interactions with others and arouse feelings and sensations of joy.


Keep in mind that the skin on your body has changing needs, and body oil can be used not only when your skin needs more moisture, but also on a regular day if the skin on your hands feel chappy or tight. Body oil will relieve these symptoms and return elasticity to the skin. So, go out there and invest in some quality natural body oils from Eye Of Love today! It will be helpful to your skin and body.  https://www.eyeoflove.com


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