Pheromones and Kissing

Pheromones and Kissing

By: Dr. Ava Cadell

Kissing and pheromones have gone hand in hand for centuries. In fact, some findings show that kissing may have originally been an extension of smell. Animals sniff each other to find a partner for mating, and let’s face it – so do we! We’re more subtle about it now, since modern social constraints don’t allow us to walk up to someone and invade their personal space, but we’ve all experienced that heady feeling when an attractive person walks by and just smells so good. You want to get close to them and breath in their scent. It’s a primal act, one that gives us an immediate “yes” or “no” based on their body odor.

In scientific research, kissing is called “philematology” (from the ancient Greek word, philos translated as earthly love,) but I like to call it “facial Intercourse” because kissing is one of the most intimate acts for exchanging pheromone chemical signals. It’s also the easiest way to tell if you like someone’s sexual style. That’s why kissing is so crucial on a first date, because it determines whether you want to go further. It’s also why it’s so vital for committed relationships, because if you lose the desire to smell and kiss your partner, you may be drifting apart. I’ve coached many couples who say they just don’t kiss anymore and individuals who say they don’t like their partner’s smell anymore, which always makes my heart sink. As we all know, chemistry is the one component of love we can’t fake!

Here’s an interesting kissing fact for singles and couples: men’s saliva has testosterone in it, which increases sex drive for both men and women. So kissing is a great way to begin your foreplay, ensuring you are both in the mood for romance. You’ve probably heard that the olfactory senses are our most primitive and can be highly emotive when it comes to mutual attraction. Research has shown that the scent of our body, produced by our particular genetic make-up and combined with the nuances of our immune system, can influence us subconsciously in our choice of lover. More recently, the use of added pheromones has been shown to boost that attraction, and amplify its reach. I encourage my clients to try pheromone induced products because they’re safe and effective with no side effects, except possibly getting more attention.

When it comes to setting the mood for love, you can spray your bedsheets and your body with Eye of Love’s body spray infused with pheromones, to increase arousal and turn your bedroom into a sexy boudoir. To enhance three of your senses at once; smell, sight and touch, light a pheromone infused massage candle, such as the Eye of Love Confidence Massage Candle, made with a shea butter base and other natural ingredients, this 3 in 1 candle is packed with pheromone, fragrance, and moisturizers.

You can also add flowers, incense and essential oils to enhance your sense of smell, sight and touch during foreplay. For your sense of taste, there is nothing better than kissing your lover from head to toe. For your sense of sound, whisper all the sexy things you want to do with your lover and use erotic sounds during lovemaking to let them know they are turning you on.

There are many different kinds of kisses: slow, quick, deep, wet, hard, soft and breathy. Find out what your lover is in the mood for, and whet their appetite for more. Kiss your partner passionately at least twice a day and experiment with the different kinds of kisses. Make kissing a daily ritual as it can keep the chemistry alive in your relationship.

In our digital world where many potential mates begin a connection online, chemistry is ironically more important than ever. Because you can’t smell your date over the Internet, that first meet-up now has enormous pressure. You might be physically attracted to them and like the sound of their voice, but you won’t know if there’s any chemistry until you meet.

A great flirting prop is pheromone infused jewelry, such as these lava rock bracelets and necklaces. They can make you feel more confident and if that spark is going in the right direction, the added pheromones can help the connection move a little bit faster.


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